I am Luka Kldiashvili

High School Student | Programmer & Game Developer


"We Learn by playing" was made by group from Geolab in collaboration with "Georgia Ministry of Education and Science" and "Unicef".


"We Learn by playing" is software made in Unity for young student for creating graphical interpretations of different texts.


Since this software was not made only by me, here is list of some of the systems/stuff I made during it's development:
  • Saving project on the device(serializing) and reading it back or loading
  • Color picker using shaders
  • Selecting, moving and rotating object (transform)
  • Some of the tools such as zoom and drag
  • Asyncronous loading and switching scenes
  • Others


"We Learn by playing" as of this time is not available for download. It is being installed on students' laptops called "book" for testing purposes till 2020.


Original post about "We learn by playing"
Video showing off the software


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