I am Luka Kldiashvili

High School Student | Programmer & Game Developer


Beat Morse Code is a personal project made by Luka Kldiashvili. Purpose of the project is to make learning Morse Code easier, funnier and effortless.


Beat Morse Code ('BMC' for short) was made in "Unity" Game Engine. Other than Unity Game Engine and C#, assets where made using image and sound editing software. Basically, this is a solo project with everything being selfmade and custom (with some exceptions).


Originally, I just wanted to learn morse code, but did not want to spend days learning it and in the end, being tired by doing so. So I decided to make quick and small game for myself to learn morse code by playing. But, then realized that it could be useful to others, too. That's when I decided to make it a small and easy game, freely available to everyone.


Beat morse codes is totally free and can be downloaded from itch.io using following link: Download Beat Morse Code!


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